Rotass Haute Joallerie (Store) by Xiaobing Yao
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The main product of Rotass is customized wedding ring, and it is the love between men and women that makes people produce this kind of consumption. Because the design relies on the brand's long history charm of the original building, therefore, the designer always designs the space around the theme of "love" symbolized by the brand from the two aspects of structure and art.
This is a two-story commercial street structural shop renovation project. The first floor hall conveys the aesthetic concept of the brand through gypsum sculpture, and the copper steps and mirror roof give the space an upward force. The elevated mezzanine is not only the extension of space, but also the VIP reception space. On the second floor, a large number of church architectural symbols are used to increase the sense of ritual for consumers.
Design Challenges
The whole space on the second floor uses a large number of church building symbols, which increases the sense of ritual of consumers. At the same time, it generates associations with the use of wedding rings, so that consumers can feel the meaning and happiness of the wedding rings.
Production Technology
The main materials used throughout the project are gypsum board, steel plate mirror, and white steel pipe.
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