Superegg (Sculpture Installation) by Jaco Roeloffs
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The sculpture represents the rapid multiplying of single use coffee capsules, which symbolises human convenience and its impact on our environment. At the heart of the object is the geometric 'superegg' shape, combined with the capsules, it presents the contributions of hundreds of coffee consumers. The capsules are arranged into a new pattern, from random to perfectly spaced lines. This gives a new perspective and the opportunity to peruse our waste and lead us to rethink our recycling habits.
Modern consumer product packaging can be irresponsible to nature and the human connection with it. This sculpture reveals the beauty and harmonious co-existence of humans and nature, made possible by thought-provoking art. Combining the core elements of art, the levitated Superegg creates a visceral experience that engages the viewer from all angles and distances. The ability to experience feelings and change perspectives through art, unites people, which is reflected in the sculpture image.
Design Challenges
Creating and upscaling a superegg as documented in mathematics theory by French mathematician Gabriel Lame in the 19th century was a challenge. We first modelled the shape in 3D CAD space and converted it to 2D in order to use flat materials like plywood and aluminium sheet. Nine CNC cut plywood 'wheels' dictate the various horizontal extremities, are spread vertically along critically precise points on the core shaft ensuring the shape is true to its design parameters.
Production Technology
The support structure is made of aluminium, steel and plywood. The cylindrical core has 9 plywood 'wheels' cut and spaced precisely to form an exact superegg. The exterior is formed with 64 aluminium strips bent and rolled to match a 'Lame curve'. LED strips illuminate the sculpture from inside out. 3000 aluminium coffee capsules were collected via a call to action on social media and the local community. Capsules were cleaned and dents removed, then spaced accurately and glued on the surface.
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