Phuket Vip Mercury (Office) by Songhuan Wu
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Inspired by the designer's hobby of cosmic astronomy, the designer tried to integrate the aesthetics of the planet in the interior into the interior space design, which made the project use a large number of circular elements and arcs, using the base deconstruction mapping of the point line surface. The temperament of the space.
Located in Phuket Island, it studies the in-depth exploration of sky aesthetics in the development of the architecture decoration field while maintaining the space with the interaction of high freedom and deep. In meeting the demands of office space for staff on daily works, it explores how to let the visual space meet the aesthetic and practicality is the focus of the project, and at the same time the thought of building a more close relationship between the whole space and original surrounding environment.
Design Challenges
Project planning on abandoned roads will result in the main building being confined to a rectangular space with regular rules, and the entire moving line is too monotonous. Surrounded by shrubs, not far from the sea, you need to consider the integration with the environment, as far as possible without destroying the original natural environment. So I started to participate in the design from the main building stage.
Production Technology
Not subject to project types or a single aesthetic, dedicated to creative, innovative and intelligent work. And also seek a balance of rationality and touch, decoration and restraint lines. Three-dimensional data management of projects using the latest BIM standards.
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