San Liang Jiang (Beverage) by Wen Liu
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The shape of the design is based on the “Bronze Human Face” which is an antique of San Xing Dui. The Bronze Human Face combines perfectly with the bottle body. The design uses a modern aesthetics effect. Ceramic is the raw material for the design. The main visual colour is black. The design highlight a noble and mysterious effect. The design conveys Chinese history and culture. The size of the bottle is moderate and easy to play.
The culture of San Xing Dui has a thousand years of history. San Xing Dui is the oldest civilization in Chinese history. The cultural sites of San Xing Dui were inadvertently discovered through continuous exploring and excavating. With its rich cultural connotation and mystery, the distillery decided to design a type of liquor which is called "San Liang Jiang".
Design Challenges
In the early stage of the project that the type of box and bottle display, cost control, and the relationship between product and customer are not going very successful. So it needs further improvement of research for the project in the later stage.
Production Technology
The material of the box uses the convex tin box. The material of the bottle is ceramic. The technology of the bottle uses spray paint and gold stamp. The material of the bottle cover is ceramic.
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