Bandage (Sofa) by Olga Bogdanova
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Creating this product, Bogdanova Bureau team wanted to embody a comfortable piece of furniture that meets all the requirements of the consumer. Soft lines and modern design - creating this sofa, the team wanted it to fit into almost any modern interior.
This solution will be convenient for both offices and private apartments. When members of Bogdanova Bureau team started to design this sofa, they first of all thought about comfort. The first thing, which you imagine when you think about the sofa is a dozen uncomfortable pillows, moving from side to side and making your rest miserable. Designers team seen this problem often and decided to fix it with help of a bandage system. They also tried to create a product with timeless design.
Design Challenges
The task of the designers was to add extra comfort with the simplest possible means. Adding an elastic tape on the back of the sofa, they got a new feature that is intuitive for the user.
Production Technology
Designers suggest to use natural materials for the casing - cotton or wool with the addition of elastic fibers. They also use clothy elastic tape as a bandage system and the main accent of this sofa.
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