Guanghui (Art Museum) by Meng Li
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design of this case starts with literati landscapes, uses Oriental ink rhythm to convey Oriental values as inspiration, and takes advantage of the trend to arrange the spatial sequence by building scattered changes, to create a flowing and far-gathering place, and to form a contemporary art museum public space of inclusive convergence in China.
This case is the design of a museum of fine arts, designers chose the changing patterns of soil micro land-form architecture, interior space resulted from low to high free transform, the edge of the building is moving freely, so the curve form inherited this natural flow, to maximize space.
Design Challenges
The multi-curved micro-topography roof of Sichuan Guanghui Art Museum brings unique architectural experience to the world, while the interior space of the building hall is left with an irregular edge and highly variable shell. To deal with such a difficult space, first of all, we will think of choosing to cover up the whole image, and secondly, we will choose to use the shape to cut.
Production Technology
The main axis line is separated by large steps and the two blocks develop independently. The ceiling mainly adopts linear wood-grain aluminum plate and curved gray line to form a spiral upward relationship, and connects the function of literary creation store, hall and coffee shop with GRG shape penetrating east and west along the curtain wall.
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