Bariatric Project (Wheelchair) by Julien Codet
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Winner
INVACARE believes in motivating overweight people to stay physically active and promoting a better quality of life. Inspired by cycling, automotive and high-tech products, we integrated active mobility in our product D.N.A. Our modern styling encourages socialization, increasing motivation to engage in human interactions. Creating the desire is the first step to lasting lifestyle change. Functionally, the spherical transport wheels are inspired by R2D2, Star Wars robot, for its high maneuverability and omnidirectional steering.
The Bariatric Project challenges conventional aesthetic of medical devices by a sporty design,hiding technical details, reducing the impact of outsized proportions. Based on a well thought out active aluminum architecture especially designed for overweight people, up to 300 kg. The backrest is ergonomically designed with effective support enabling an easy access to the handrims. The transfer handles make sitting down and getting up safer. Equipped with patented spherical transport wheels, the wheelchair passes easily through doors, offering effortless management.
Design Challenges
Our task was to increase autonomy of the user by reducing the chair weight as much possible. Challenging the conventional design of bariatric device, we making it more attractive and active. Hiding all technical details is the result of engineers and designers working together. Reshape the user s and wheelchair s silhouettes with a sporty design. Increasing autonomy and accessibility with key features. Promoting a self confidence and self esteem for overweight people, reducing stigmatization and giving a sense of autonomy with an active product.
Production Technology
The complete frame and backrest structure are made from aluminum profile that is extruded, cut, folded, welded and powder coated. We use, aluminum for its lightweight, recyclable and freedom of form properties to support weight up to 300 kg. Welded for a better rigidity and lightweight than assembled by screw. For the plastic used for the chair, we molded PA for its quality and stiffness.
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