Found (Awareness) by Chris Slabber
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
I suffer from anxiety and whenever I experience an episode the only way for me to relax is to go into a quiet space and imagine something symmetrical or to solve a pattern, essentially to find balance. Therefore the challenge was to identify patterns from studying the different found objects on a microscopic level. Then using parts of each element and juxtaposing them into what would essentially become its Elemental Face. Almost as if trying to give life to t
This self initiated project was, like most ideas, born out of pure curiosity. As a creative it is vital to always stay curios, to not be afraid of exploring the unknown. This specific unknown is based on a world we can not see with the naked eye. I spent some time exploring my studio space, specifically the spaces between the floor boards, under the carpets and the usual places we tend to ignore. The concept was to show there must be something beautiful to be found in the least likely of places.
Design Challenges
The first challenge was choosing the series of photos that made up each composition. While building each composition I had to pay close attention to the initial lighting of each photograph in order for the composition to make sense. The second challenge was that the microscope images were not the best quality. Two megapixels to be exact. Therefore I had to treat the images in photoshop to ensure the best quality for final viewing. Finally I didn't like that the designs were exactly symmetrical, so I added ambient elements to offset the symmetry very slightly while still maintaining balance.
Production Technology
Each piece was made by photographing the corresponding element using a digital microscope. After carefully studying the different textures of each element, I then proceeded to juxtapose the selected series of photographs to create individual masks or faces for each element by mirroring one half of the mask using photoshop. Once each composition was complete I wanted to break the symmetry by adding complementing textural elements to each mask while still maintaining a balanced composition.
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