Quaint and Quirky (Dessert House) by Yih Chau Khor
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The project is inspired by bird nests, which is the main theme of the project. The team want to create a venue where people could walk in and have a nice casual conversation over drinks and delicious desserts but also wanted to make a place that truly unique. With that in mind, the team looked to the bird nest itself for inspiration and struck on the idea of creating a virtual bird nest which would give visitors a welcome sense of comfort and privacy while having their treats.
With the Birds Nest delicacy in mind, the idea of creating a virtual bird nest that provide comfort and privacy was conceptualized and visualized through a collection of seating pods with different privacy setting present in nest form becoming the central feature of the restaurant. A vibrant structure and color of each seating pod then share help to create a sense of uniformity that ties together the ground and mezzanine level even as they give the ambiance a touch of attention-grabbing.
Design Challenges
To visualized the concept is quite challenging as the team wants to create something that provide privacy, show nature and yet comfortable. The main feature of the project is from form derived to shape, amended for a few times before the design is confirmed. After the design emerged, different solutions then discovered, such as piles of wood erected in order to support the weight of the mezzanine and the seating pods so that the ground and foundation of the building can be more strong and solid.
Production Technology
Basically, the concept and design are form and produce by sketch. After confirmed that the concept is bird nest, the team start to sketch all the ideas in draft paper and proposed the idea to each other. The team also sketch on the layout plan so that they can set the flow of the interior. All the sketches need to well presented in functions and forms so that the restaurants can be beauty in forms, aesthetic and functional at the same time.
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