Qiantang Metropolis (Sales Center) by EH+DESIGN GROUP
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design is inspired by the tide of Qiantang River to create a flexible and dynamic space with modern skills. Inside the space, the relationship between material, spirit and experience is just like that of the skeleton, vein and skin, connected and dependent. It blurs the boundary between furnishing and interior decoration, trying to create an abstract and romantic world.
The white and transparent box is full of the quiet, pure and aesthetic art atmosphere. As the tide ebbs and flows, emotions change accordingly. Elegant sky blue, deep lake blue, cool and elegant stones as well as the pure white flowers imitate the beauty of the sky and water merging into one. The green plant on the bar counter is full of vigor and the colorful decorations on the wall draw inspirations from the shells to highlight the natural and cheerful atmosphere.
Design Challenges
In the center of the spave is a spiral column-free staircase, which is made of customized wooden panels and transparent glass, adding some colors to the white background. Under the staircase, the landscape water flows onto the stones, forming lovely melodies as well as a poetic and rhythmic space.
Production Technology
From the bottom to the top, the space structure varies from complicity to simplicity. The suspended ceiling is elaborately decorated with curve paper ribbons and artistic lights, imitating the glistening river which echoes the textural floor. The lightness, figurativeness, smoothness, and glossiness of the space all highlight the modern aesthetics. Under the hard materials like ivory white marbles, transparent glass, acrylic boards and natural wood, there exists a space of quietness, softness and changes.
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