Oneplus 6 (Smart Phone) by Mac Ma
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
OnePlus 6 is born for geek enthusiasts and minimalists with help of powerful systems in today's world of overmuch options in smartphones. OnePlus 6 is an innovative and exquisite iteration guided by market research data. Its shape is inspired by the lines of the car body, and optimized and integrated with design elements , and thus presents a feeling of speed and vigor, as well as OnePlus features and state-out-the-art designs.
OnePlus 6 uses an innovative design of double faced glass. Well-polished glass rear cover with no gap and thin middle frame create clear smooth touches, and aesthetic visual pleasure, with an upright gentle sihouette both rigid and soft. The full display, fast face-to-lock and dual camera layout give users pure immersive experience under powerful H2 OS 5.1 System. Quality colors of crescent white, rock black and bright porcelain black also render the reflections of world around you.
Design Challenges
The challenge lies in iterative design needs in product realization, which needs designers to repeatedly solve difficulties with engineers to pursuit best design. In CMF (Color, Material and Finish) stage, new resources are developed to design different market color match and many technical issues arise in mass production. Products of each edition are mass produced only through the efforts of front-end and back-end engineering.
Production Technology
Its full CNC Middle frame is processed by four high-specification grinding and polishing and high precision and high numerical control sand blasting before oxidation. The sand is required to be feel exquisite instead of rough. Nano-grade fine ground black rock glass for back cover is superimposed lasted optical coating film. Close-bonding process of full CNC are completed in extremely pollution-free and dust-free vacuum.
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