Various Stars (Sale House) by Lei Fang
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
In order to avoid deep well phase, designer combined with arc-shaped metal shutters to produce rhythmic contrast to ease the depth of compression. Resplendent suspending lights are angled and intertwined with the model below to create a link between glory and light. Strength and softness blend here, with unique visual tension.
Chongqing Xinhua Sincere Center Sales Office molds the high-end taste and temperament with the ingenious design technique, the aesthetic of structural space runs through the nuances, and the order of reason collides with the pleasure of the senses to create a unique fashion.
Design Challenges
Designer adopts the cleverly layout of hollowed-out partition to dividing the negotiation area. A perfect match of color and light, and the humanistic breath is diffused therefrom. The point-light-source devices at the top are arranged in an orderly manner, with smooth lines and fine workmanship in detail. In the daytime, natural light and night lighting presents different visual effects.
Production Technology
Designer creatively introduce interconnect thinking and integrate luxury shopping scenes to present an unparalleled spatial experience.
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