Jiangshan Fishing Village (Renovation) by Ziye Wu
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Under the impact of modern urbanization, the decline of rural areas has become an unavoidable reality. Mix Architecture was commissioned by Jiangshan Fishing Village in Gaochun of Nanjing to meet the basic needs of indigenous peoples for modern functions and cultural life, and formulated a rural renewal plan.
This project is a human-oriented preservation and renovation practice of a small village, aiming to meet the basic needs of modern cultural life for the residents. The first phase of the Jiangshan Fishing Village Renewal Plan consists of two parts, namely the renovation of the vacant old homes and the construction of rural public facilities.
Design Challenges
The most basic forms and architectural methods of construction ensure that a simple modern aesthetic can still be presented in less capital and regional construction conditions. And through the dislocation of buildings, a "gap" is formed, allowing the building to enjoy good ventilation and lighting effects with only a small amount of equipment.
Production Technology
A bookcase wrapped in a patio and a glass tea pavilion facing the courtyard were implanted. They not only became the center of space activities, but also broke the boundaries between the interior and exterior, introducing sunlight and nature into the dimly old houses, making them become Village neighborhoods as a new place for communication and cultural blending.
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