Trofeo Electric Bicycle (Electric Bicycle) by Brian Hoehl
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
The inspiration for the Maserati bike came from the original Maserati cars. On of the most wellknow icons in the car industry. The aim was to build one of the abolut lightest electric bikes in the world. We have a holistic design profile on the bike. The aim was to hide the electric drive train as much as possible. This is done by having the electric motor and the battery hidden in the downtube of the bike. The colours are inspired by the original Maserati cars.
The Maserati electric bike is a unique electric vehicle. Created from the race DNA of the original Maserati car. New composit materials has been used. The method of production is Autoclave carbon in order to make the bike strong and light. The perception of this electric bike is pure race. With this the Maserati brand has created a complete new category in the bicycle industry. The bike was shown the first time at the Frankfurt autoshow with a very good reception from clients. The Maserati electric bike has won several design awards throughout Europe.
Design Challenges
We have done research in aerodynamics, weight ratio to stiffness of the frames. This is a totally new method in the electric bicycles industry where those parameters mentioned has not been explored before now with our new Maserati Trofeo product.
Production Technology
The materials are a blend of high end aluminium and autoclave carbon.
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