Nueve (Bike Rack) by BKT Design
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
Motorized transport is the most frequently used option in today's world. We therefore need to create products and infrastructures that encourage the use of non-motorized means of transport, such as bicycles. We need to develop products that add value to society add aesthetic value to our public spaces to make them more livable, thus contributing to society’s overall wellbeing.
The CP 009 is designed in response to the need for bicycle infrastructure in cities because they contribute to an orderly public space and encourage use of the bicycle as a means of non-motorized transportation. It can park up to two bicycles per rack. Its design, as well as being attractive and functional, composed of two materials, aluminum body and the upper part has a rubber surface whose objective is to protect your bike from scratches, both materials are fused in the same geometry.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge in this project was to create a bicycle rack with a smooth surface to prevent friction between it and the bicycle during their interaction. It was a challenge to find processes that allowed us to conserve this geometry. Another important challenge was to ensure its slender form was impact resistant to provide a product with a long useful life.
Production Technology
This product was designed to adapt to an urban setting in which it is exposed to both the natural environment and to abuse. It was challenging to fuse the recycled aluminum body and the rubber into the same geometry. This slender shape includes an internal metal structure to withstand vandalism and damage. The polyester powder coating finish is optional in this product.
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