Cliff House (Weekend Residence) by Masato SEKIYA
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Client requests for 2-car parking and living space, within their budget, on a section with minimal level area was the first stimulus. The stupendously beautiful natural surroundings were the second stimulus. The simple construction draws the eye and attention to the outside.
The positioning of this fishing cabin, made of concrete, is ideal for communing with nature. The design challenges of ensuring adequate volume, a safe construction on a riverbank property were met by making a concrete tube.
Design Challenges
The client requested the construction of a fishing cabin, with adequate indoor space, and parking for two vehicles, on a piece of land that had a minimal level area. On the positive side was the natural environment and the clear-flowing river, providing an excellent green environment. On the negative side was the danger of flooding, slippage and environmental impact. Japan has many earthquakes, so earthquake safety is a prime consideration in every construction. Japanese architects are in a unique position to have the freedom to explore creative yet safe designs.
Production Technology
The living space is a concrete tube, thrust out from a cliff, with parking at road level, on the roof. The cabin intrudes little onto the environment and this is also cost-effective. The outward thrust is balanced by a counterweight deep in the ground, and held up on ruffle concrete pillars at the fulcrum, which extend down to bedrock. Building the cabin on stilts was rejected as an idea as such construction could be dangerous if the river flooded.
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