Malangen (Family Retreat) by Snorre Stinessen
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Inspiration was mainly drawn from the landscape, the orientation in relation to views, privacy and the sun, but also strongly from the client wish to entertain guests and family visiting over longer periods. The design seeks to emphasise the closeness to the nature while allowing a comfortable stay indoors and it also seeks to underline the transition between spaces and activities we normally are too busy to appreciate.
The site is positioned on a ridge rising from the fiord below and overlooks a natural opening in the forest. Entrance to the retreat is at the central wintergarden that separates the main part of the building and the annexe/sauna/relax. The building is divided into a volume for each room/function allowing several activities at the same time and the in-between spaces tells a story of journey between the different spaces and activities. Most furnishing is custom designed by Stinessen.
Design Challenges
Sustainable approach and respect for the existing nature on site. Many factors to consider in a holistic design approach with respect to the surroundings. The most difficult part of the detail design was perhaps finding the methods to adapt to the terrain and as close to the ground as possible. The glass construction was another challenge where we wanted the glazing not to function as frames for a view, but only as a climatic border.
Production Technology
The building was positioned in consideration of the layout and vegetation of the site and built on-site. The earthbound floors of the living room, in-between spaces and the wintergarden are all in concrete to adapt to the terrain and emphasise the connection. The ceilings of these parts are made with blackened oak slats. The other rooms are made as individual volumes with exterior cladding in untreated cedar, interiors all in oak. The choice of materials are made both in consideration of durability and also the atmosphere of each space.
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