Topography 1 (Seating Sculpture) by Mikyoung Kim
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
The plaza is a featured amenity for visitors and local residents alike. The bench is sculpted mostly from limestone, referencing the local geology of the Florida peninsula, with a color palette containing shades of cream, gold and grey, with slivers of anodized aluminum. Along with its smooth flowing form, the sculptural bench evokes images of the sand and waves of Florida. The striations from the laminated stone slabs represents the groundswell of cultures that have influenced the region.
A sculptural seating piece made of laminated natural stone slabs acts to retain a rain garden managing storm water on site. The project drapes all native stone materials across the site to create a wave-like form. These stone slabs start from the plaza paving and sweeps upward to create the bench for people to sit. Visitors can sit in the shade of the canopy trees and view the integral art piece, or interact with the sculpture itself, finding ways to sit, stand, lie and climb.
Design Challenges
Finding the right materials and making multiple mockups to study the way in which materials could be laminated.
Production Technology
The materials used for this piece include laminated stone, limestone, resin, anodized aluminum, and concrete paving with shells
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