Mangata Patisserie (Bakery Visual Identity) by M — N Associates
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Mangata Patisserie launched to be one the luxury bakeries in Saigon serving truly well-designed cakes with high-tea concept. The owner has been wandering, researching and studying for a long time in French and Belgium to find the-one recipes. Endorsing the minimal lifestyle of Northern Europe, the name is chosen for its unique meaning, a feeling for falling in love, romantic and delight, like a beautiful novel, a love song, something comes without thoughts but from the bottom of hearts.
The concept is mainly focus to create a visual identity and system for packaging and other brand materials that is unique, strong and sustainable. Mangata has a different meaning in Swedish, a unique romantic scene : the glimmering, road-like reflection of the moon creates on the night sea. The scene is really inspired and visually appealed, so we brought it into the brandmark, making Mangata more unique and memorable but not overwhelmed its content. The colour palette, black & gold, imitates the atmosphere of the dark sea, also, gave the brand a mysterious, luxury touch.
Design Challenges
The huge challenge is launching at a time that high-tea concept and serve well-plating patisserie was still new to the market.
Production Technology
Silk-printed multiple layers for gold, silver and white on black matte art paper.
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