Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging (Special Limited Edition) by Fengsheng Cai
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The inspiration of Excalibur came from the legendary of the sword Excalibur of King Arthur, The feature of this package is the container will rise up slowly with the opening of the outer packaging. The package shaped like a teardrop diamond, meaning every dip of the whisky is as precious and glorious as the diamond. The appearance design of the container and cap are inspired from the armor. So, the sword Excalibur is also called “the sword of king” and “the sword of victory”. Also, people will drink whisky as a carrier of revelry after winning the war. So we want to create an exclusive luxurious whisky packaging design both represents the chivalry and shows respect to the gorgeous whisky with very strong sense of ritual bringing a unique and fresh user experience.
The project is to design a whisky packaging targeted at people with special obsession with chivalry culture. Every man had dreamed to become a chevalier while whisky has a close connection with which. This design is made to create a unique experience of opening the outer packing. It is the opening method and the special appearance that makes the packaging unique. The container will rise up with the opening of the outer packaging, feeling like a water drop drops in the water and spread out like a flower. The inner packaging is specially printed with UV, using the technology of Ebru to present the water wave. Tags also are designed as a sealing with components of the sword. The elements altogether are to present the consumers their exclusive Excalibur.
Design Challenges
Structure innovation&The user experience
Production Technology
The container will rise up gradually as you open the outer packaging, which shows a very strong sense of ritual. The idea came from the Ancient China Tenon Structure. Convex and dislocation of the cardboard will be used to push upward the container. There are two pressure points in the design, used to decompose the forces and push the container. When you close the packing, the weight of the bottle itself will help falling. The inner packing is made of UV printing metal paper, while the outer packing is papered with leather paper.
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