Ora (Shower Panel) by Vladimir Polikarpov
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
The exquisiteness of genuine shapes combined with technological materials in a recent comprehended touch led us to desire and create an element or series of elements for the bathroom. Reflections on the life and basic needs of man in the wild, comparing the origins of antiquity and shifting the essence of the purification of the body as a union with the universal nature in a modern way, I came to the desire to create some primordial image in the form of a leaf of a tropical plant with a technological life approach in the future, thereby reminding the person of his connection with the natural ....
A shower panel that has not yet combined such possibilities within so pleasant aesthetic appearance, as well as a shower tray with a system of accumulation and filtration of gray water. Such duet is designed to cope well with the over-use of water, not so much systematically in itself as much to take part in the distribution of water balance in the general living space for whole family or social usage and will save 50% - 70% of the fluid used.
Design Challenges
The essence of the project is to display the aesthetic image of one of the elements of sanitary equipment with the functionality of its use, as well as the introduction of Nano and Smart technologies. To create compatibility of these components, the recommendations and calculations of electrotechnologists were required for the possibility of installing compact electronics, sensors for the mutual coordinated work of each of the zones responsible for the corresponding action in particular or for the entire system as a whole. Searching for the desired shape and simplicity of the lines mainly depended on the conclusions of the research (equipment capacity, all kinds of connections).Besides some difficulty was caused by the necessity to find the proper place for the gray water cleaning system. This led to a simple approach - to install it using the space of the shower tray, so as not to occupy the useful area of space for these purposes.
Production Technology
The body of the shower hanger is made of durable, heat-resistant mineral acrylic resins, which do not require special care. The upper part of the watering can is made of colored glass, formed in the likeness of a leaf of a tropical plant, which is gently illuminated from the inside. The tray is made of the same material as the shower hanger, with a water absorption capacity of about 60 liters, depending on the pallet sizes selected by the user. The surface of the tray can have an unusual and at the same time an interesting visual structure.
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