Exxeo (Luxury Hybrid Piano) by iman maghsoudi
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Luxury Design Award Winner
The project was born out of the frustration that static table-like form of traditional pianos, simply didn't fit into contemporary living environments. We believed that piano is an obvious part of modern living and should be designed to reflect that fact.Initial concepts developed based on the understanding that Everything in Existence is the result of a Frequency. Sound is the basis of of Shape and Form. We were fascinated by harmonic fluence of the sound waves.
EXXEO is a revolutionary Hybrid Piano for contemporary spaces.We took a giant leap forward in hybrid piano design and technology, breaking free from traditional forms and sounds. Significant amount of our team’s effort has been invested into redefining the piano concept for contemporary environments and modern applications.
Design Challenges
In this project almost everything we faced was a new challenge, as we were trying to redefine the technology, form factor, and new identity of the piano at the same time. We learned that the toughest challenge was not a technical one. Being balanced, figuring out a way to keep our feet on the ground and not getting carried away was a hard task for a group of highly creative people. According to our experience staying within the realm of a futuristic yet feasible product, was the toughest challenge during this project.
Production Technology
EXXEO piano is made from Carbon Fiber Composite instead of resonant wood, which makes it much more resistant to environmental influences. Unique characteristics of this material allows the sounds to be sustained for a longer period, resulting in a rich and strong overtone. EXXEO is the only hybrid piano in the world equipped with a dedicated built-in battery. The high capacity power unit is mounted in the tail section. It enables the piano to perform up to 20 hours on a single charge. Due to its unparalleled structural rigidity and resistance to moisture, Eclipse piano is technically the perfect fit for spaces exposed to high humidity, like ocean-side villas, mega yachts and cruise ships.
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