Impression Nanxi River (Multifunctional Hall) by Ting Wang
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The designers hope this experimental project is the one that is rooted in the local culture. Either its interior and exterior or its form can represent the distinct regional features and humanistic spirits.
Impression Nanxi River nowadays is a combination of the environmental planning, architectural design and interior design. Meanwhile its superior landscape garden environment has given every customer a unique style of physical or mental experience. In today's advocation about returning to nature, a modern architecture surrounded with local traditions and natural environment elements, which bring out the best feeling about cultural connotations. Last but not the least, it is a design with thinking of sustainability and will be better for the further vision.
Design Challenges
The designers’ concern is whether the environmental disruption caused by the architecture itself can be controlled within a minimum range. The multifunctional hall is located in the gardens built by Yuanye brand in Yongjia county. The interior designers are willing to take the project because it is rare thing and helpful endeavor to take the challenge to make an integrated design with both exterior architecture and the interior decoration. And also facing with the difficulty that the construction area is actually a piece of farmland that cannot be largely solidified.
Production Technology
Main Construction Materials: steel, Low-e glass curtain wall, aluminum veneer, optical fiber, stainless steel, multilayer veneer, Chinese black granite, homogeneous tile
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