Stay Sixty (Refillable Drinks Bottle) by Lucy Snowdowne
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Winner
50 million barrels of oil are used every year to pump, process, transport and refrigerate single-use bottled water. 10% of the plastic manufactured worldwide ends up in the ocean. By refilling a Stay Sixty bottle you help rid the planet of these wasteful and energy consuming plastic bottles.
The double-walled design keeps drinks fresh and prevents condensation in your bag, whilst the unique removable base aids cleaning and filling. The bottle can easily be filled from the base with ice cubes, fruit, powder drinks or smoothies. Most importantly the removable base makes cleaning quick and effective, a hugely important factor in extending the lifespan of the product.
Design Challenges
The founders of Stay Sixty set Two Create the challenge of designing a refillable bottle that was both functional and appealing enough to encourage consumers to stop buying plastics drinks bottles. The bottle needed to be truly versatile, looking and functioning well in any environment from the gym to the office. It needed to be truly environmentally sound and be made of materials that are both healthy and sustainable.
Production Technology
Made from premium food-grade stainless steel. All components are BPA free. Coated in high-quality rubberised matte paint to look and feel great in your hand.
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