Stocker (Chair, Stool) by Matthias Scherzinger
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The consistently implemented design principle ensures a high degree of flexibility. This wooden chair combines aesthetics with functionality. Stacked onto each other, it can easily be stored and due to its innovative design, stocker can be pushed completely below a table. The inspiration was to create a type of chair for the time today, for a flexible and dynamic lifestyle without using hightech materials. The result is a lightweight chair, 100 per cent solid wood manufactured in traditional techniques.
The Stocker is a fusion between a stool and a chair. The light stackable wooden seats are suitable for private and semiofficial facilities. Its expressive form underlines the beauty of our local timber. The intricate structural design and construction enables us with a material thickness of 8 mm to create a robust but light article weighing only 2300 Gramm. The compact construction of the Stocker allows space saving storage.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to manufacture in this minimal material thickness, 8 mm of solid wood a staple piece of furniture. It is essential to know and accept the basics how to work with solid wood. You have to accept grain direction and to follow the traditional way of jointings. Matched with influences and techniques from other professions like the architecture, steel bending, Origami, …
Production Technology
solid wood oak, thickness 8 mm oiled surface Techniques: Due to its complex construction, despite its minimal material thickness, stocker has a excellent stability. The items of the frame are crossed in the traditional way of jointings. The seat is joined with molded tongues. Finally, all parts are glued together to miter. His ecological concept impresses resource conserving material usage, local wood sections and remaining pieces. Reducing the offcut to a minimum by using the CNC.
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