Plates (Visual Communication) by Sergei Didyk
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
To demonstrate different departments of the hardware store the photographer and the stylist came up with the idea to present them as several plates with different hardware objects on top of them. White background and white dishes help to accentuate the served objects and make it easier for store visitors to find a certain department.
The main idea of these images is that they show plates filled with hardware objects, however served in a restaurant manner. That adds some humour to the imagery. These images were shown on 6x3 meter billboards all around Estonia and on posters in public transport. According to the original idea there were multiple versions of the image and every billboard had its own image that never repeated.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge of this project consisted in finding the hardware objects and arranging them on the plate in such a way that it looked like a tasty meal of the high-class restaurant.
Production Technology
These photos are taken in studio. For this shooting high tripod, Canon tilt-shift lens 90mm and Broncolor Power Packs PulsoA4 were used. The background is cleared out with Photoshop.
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