The Cutting Edge (Dispensing Pharmacy) by Tetsuya Matsumoto
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The keyword for medical related design is healing, commonly associated with peaceful nature. As a result, this type of design traditionally tries to incorporate natural elements like trees, green walls and flowers. Nonetheless, the simple fact of coming to a medical institution lays on the trust that the patient puts on modern medicine. The more advanced medicine is the more trustworthy it becomes; true peace of mind is reached when the medical care is at its Cutting Edge.
This design for a dispensing pharmacy, related to a neighboring general hospital, uses pure white minimalistic space with sharp surfaces and edges to produce the cutting edge high-tech impression on the users of the pharmacy fitting the image of an advanced medical care technology.
Design Challenges
The neighboring Hospital is in a shifting process to renew its image and improve its service. Offering a dispensing pharmacy was one of the key shifts and an excellent opportunity to give passing by people a glimpse of this renewal, especially that it is located at the side of one of the major and busiest roads in the region. The challenge was then to design a pharmacy building, small in size, small in budget, that is capable of producing an impressive effect and be functional at the same time.
Production Technology
The building structure was constructed using a metallic frame on which metallic panels covers the exterior walls and plaster-boards for the interior walls. The protracted part was covered in thin mat white metallic panels with low-density foam core. The sharp edges were made by using aluminum sheets. The glass used in the facade is a 19mm float glass. The interior wall behind the reception counter was covered by special wood panels adding a sharper atmosphere to the inside.
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