Hubertus (Hotel) by Elisabeth Mitterer
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
The debarked larch trunks - used as multifunctional facade elements - create an optical link between existing and new building. The fluid shape of the new design follows the topography of the existing landscape with its slope and steep contour lines. The homogeneous appearance creates the theatrical base for the design of the new, cantilevering pool, which thrones between the old and new accommodation wings, floating between heaven and earth...
The Hotel Hubertus in Valdaora (Italy) was generously enhanced and enlarged with 16 new suites, a new kitchen with restaurants and -Stuben-, an entrance area with lobby, reception and wine cellar and a fitness and a relaxation room with panoramic terraces. The new 25 m long cantilevering pool, functioning as a connector between old and new, underlines the essence of this comprehensive renovation and renewal project.
Design Challenges
The conversion and expansion of the Hotel Hubertus is an example of a perfect understanding between the client and the architect. On the one hand, the client, who has decades of experience in guest accommodation, on the other hand, the network of architecture (noa) in search of something special for one of the flagship hotels in the Puster Valley (Italy).
Production Technology
The larch tree trunks, as narrow double wooden pillars, strive to function as an unifying envelop for the project by creating a continuous aesthetics. The new perforated, powder-coated metal balustrades replace the old wooden ones and are fixed in a fluid curvy manner. With their earthy tones and perforation, they allow access to the view while at the same time enhancing the feeling of privacy. This colour scheme was used for the whole facade, creating a homogeneous building envelop.
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