Wavebot (Service Robot) by Te Zhang
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
Currently, the robots are emerging in our daily life, since the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the past few years, the robots are getting smarter, which makes it possible to do simple but frequent works during daily life without human control, save the time, reduce the operating cost and improve the efficiency. Our team is dedicated in SLAM, voice and face recognition, and we emphasize elegant design and seamless user experience to ensure the best robot in the market.
Wavebot is an intelligent service robot.It is equipped with advanced SLAM(Simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, accurate face recognition, natural voice interaction and video cloud integration. Wavebot can be a fully autonomous assistantin offices, libraries, museums and stores, working as front desk receptionist, meeting and telepresence assistant and security guard.
Design Challenges
Currently the service robots are more like a Base + iPad solution, and they are all bulky. The first challenge in design is to create an elegant yet futuristic look to fit in its role and the relevant environment. To make the design elegant and neat, we went through over 10prototypes, 3 stages of CAD model, tested out 5 different designs, overcame over 50 design/ mechanical challenges, we spent 2 months in the factory to find out the best color, material and finish combination to showcase our original design intent. Then came out with a neat, elegant yet futuristic look.
Production Technology
During the design process, we used foam board to lay out the design at the early phase, then using the CAD tools to do the surface design and mechanical design. We have experimented few prototypes with CNC and 3D printing process to verify our design and mechanism. While developing the innovative and elegant shape of this robot, we went through lots of challenges such as the curved charging interface, dual-layer structure for simple assembly and so on.
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