Xinhua Bookstore Group Mixed-Use Project (Mixed-Use) by Aedas
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Aedas draws design inspiration from an ancient Chinese prose ‘Knowledge brings wealth’, to integrate bookstore with cultural and natural elements of Chongqing to create an interactive ‘Cultural Innovation Oriented Development’. The design also draws inspirations from Chongqing local context. The architecture unfolds stepping terraces not only reveals the well known geographic beauty of Chongqing named 'Mountain City', but also interacts with the surroundings and rejuvenates the city landscape.
Chongqing Xinhua Bookstore Group Jiefangbei Book City Mixed-use Project is a dynamic complex in the Jiefangbei Central Business District, the heart of downtown Chongqing, China. It encompasses a sky cultural plaza, retails, apartments, offices, a boutique hotel and most widespread chained bookstore, Xinhua Bookstore.
Design Challenges
Site existing commercial typology is lacking in variety. How to invent a new commercial typology is crucial. The CBD buildings are too closed off to be accessed by citizens which will becomes a challenge for the design... The vertical stacking of commercial programs make podium too tall. How can we encourage the customers to travel on this upward journey is a challenging question. The ‘Xinhua book store + retail space’ brings a brand new commercial typology of culture and retail as core in CBD.
Production Technology
Double layer curtain with perforated metal and glass is used for sustainable considerations. The area of glass curtains are strictly calculated and controlled to reduce solar heating. Aedas designed bespoke integrated natural lighting and ventilation system for this project. The glass panels ensure natural lighting, and behind the perforated aluminum panels is the concealed open window ventilation system.
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