Dishdrawer™ (Drawer Dishwasher) by Caitlin Davis
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
by a team of Fisher & Paykel engineers standing in a kitchen talking about the poor design of the dishwasher door. Drawers, they reasoned, were practical and easy to use so why not put a dishwasher in a drawer? They built a mock-up that looked similar to a filing cabinet, a design inspired by a conversation about the changing nature of the kitchen. Every element of a traditional dishwasher – from the motor to the electronics board to the plumbing system – had to be redesigned. Undaunted, Fisher
Fisher & Paykel Appliances debuts the new models that are quieter and more energy and water-efficient than ever including being Energy Star certified. They are more durable, thanks to rigorous testing for 20 years’ of continuous use and thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on sleek lines and quality construction. Models can incorporate clever features such as flexible stacking and sanitize mode. The newest generation shows Fisher & Paykel’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.
Design Challenges
The greatest challenges were: - Creating a recessed handle in a 20mm thick door that still provides great ergonomics and usability, with premium materials for high perceived quality. - Forming a full height steel door panel with tight radii and crisp interface details. To achieve the desired fit and finish, the manufacturing process must achieve very tight tolerances.
Production Technology
Product uses stainless steel material and an ultra-durable; Light-weight polypropylene material. White/Black products use powder-coated steel.
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