Horizon (Footwear) by WILSON HSU
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Winner
All footwear is composed of one piece outsole, no one can even imagine that the whole outsole can be assembled by many independent pieces. These pieces are expected to be the best medium between people's feet and the earth so that people can really experience the different terrains through every single dots.
Each pair of Horizon has a sole created with 102 completely independent and highly resilient-rebound ccilucell units, which are the most technologically advanced footwear compound and most nimble with the optimal outsole design. The black and white outsole design of this collection bears the legendary Ichimatsu Moyo pattern which historically was an elite fashion symbol in the golden age of Japanese history.
Design Challenges
Inspired by the Ichimatsu Moyo pattern, the Horizon was set up with an outsole in black and white like a check board. With single color, the independent pieces can be easily separated and glued up, but when it comes to duplicate colors, it is very wasteful because it needs two whole pairs of outsoles and collect half of each to combine two colors together but the other half will be wasted and cost a lot to assemble them manually in mass production. So an equipment were designed to switch the pieces to the corresponding location and end up with two opposite pattern pairs of outsole and zero waste.
Production Technology
The outsole is assembled with two different color ccilucell compound units through the innovative skive-on technology, and the formula make it really soft and flexible. It provides a multi-point supportive surface, which can offer the variable barefoot adoptions on different terrains. By the EVA rim, all compounds will form a stable foundation, which can go with different upper designs and materials.
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