Digilock (Smart Bike Lock) by Tong Jin (TJ) Kim
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
There have been an increasing number of people commuting to work by bike riding in the urban lifestyle. Also, more people are investing money in higher performance bike for better riding. So, most of the bike riders carry bike locks to prevent their bike from being stolen in the public areas. The bike riders face some common issues with the current bike lock solutions such as, losing keys, forgetting lock combination, sharing the lock, and thieves cutting the lock and stealing the bike.
Digilock is a bike-lock with a built-in fingerprint reading technology, providing simple, easy, and more secure solutions to any bike commuters. The user can simply hold the fingerprint reading button for 3 seconds then pull the lock to open. The user can setup and charge the lock by connecting to a computer or smart phone, using a micro USB, adding multiple accounts for shared access, and level of theft alert.
Design Challenges
There are many bike locks in the market and many of them are focusing on the material and mechanism of the lock's functionality. Also, just by adding a new technology to current lock does not add much value to current lock system. It has to be intuitive to the users with benefits of integrating the new technology.
Production Technology
We are living in a time of dramatic changes in technology. Many new technologies are being introduced to our world and many new devices are created using the technology. But, since many of us are not familiar with the technologies, we have not fond all the potential opportunities for different applications. So, the technology scouting is an important step in our design process to understand the true potential of the technology to help us deliver the desired user experience.
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