Svalbardi (Polar Iceberg Water) by Studio h Ltd
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We wanted to capture the mood and beautiful stillness of the polar landscape avoiding the use of clichéd images of icebergs and arctic scenes. The simple coloured neck band echoes the blue and green hues found in icebergs and the wooden cap was inspired by arctic driftwood. The ice crystal works alone as a motif and comes to life as a repeat pattern on the gift tube and all collateral. An ancient regional accent is used on the d in Svalbardi as another clue to its Nordic origins.
Svalbardi is harvested from pristine icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in remote Svalbard archipelago. The water is so pure it is almost mineral free. With a restricted production budget, the design had to convey this unique source and purity of the water. Keeping the graphics to the minimum is unusual and allows the bottle and water to evoke the stillness and purity. The gift tube is also unusual in the water market and singles out Svalbardi as a unique purchase.
Design Challenges
The challenge of the bottle design was ensuring the flared neck was strong enough to be held whilst remaining elegant.
Production Technology
Glass bottle with screen printing and textured paper label with black foil blocking. Sustainable stained wooden cap with inlaid foil silver. The cardboard tube is flat metallic with cold foil on top.
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