Pone Transparent Shell (Exhibition Space) by Golden Ho
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Based on concepts, Transparent Shell gains inspiration from a rich variety of sequences in nature. By dissecting, extracting shell structure and restructuring, it reveals the tension of life evolution. Conch-shape helix is blended with vertical, balanced, stable and standard three-dimensional grid. Density and depth of different degrees are on one hand, in mutual erosion, harmony and coexistence and on the other hand, in antagonism, competition and conflict.
In the Transparent Shell, one could explore and walk around at will and imagine freely, during which one's vision,audition and perception were aroused, thus realizing the infinite thinking within the architectural space as well as profound insight and awareness in a simple, natural and primitive way. This is where the charm of space and source of thought lies modern architecture, in addition to its functions, should be the carrier of humanity and free will.
Design Challenges
2015 PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion Guangzhou Design Week attempted to rediscover the alternating potential of order construction. Urged by the question on how to integrate architecture to further interact and blend cities, environments, human beings and space, it created the construction unit Transparent Shell. Meanwhile, it is also a reflection on creating and recreating.
Production Technology
The main body of the device is made up of metal frames and a large number of irregular curved steels. Each of 30 arched frames is varying in its undulating rhythm, irregular and polydirectional.The curves in the helix were picked out for accurate radian in each segment so as to get the accurate nodes. Then, the 3-d coordinates of each node was positioned in the space, based on which another curve was made by stretching steel pipes. Then they were welded into groups for interconnection in groups.
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