Illusion (full-Screen Redesign) (Website) by Adriana de Barros
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Website and Web Design Award Winner
We wanted to make the website photographic and transparent looking, without a navigation section at top that divides itself from the main content. Some of the inspirations were based on print magazine layouts. For example the logo of a print magazine is displayed on the cover and not on every single page, and we thought that this could be possible to do online without losing the identity of the website.
Illusion is an online magazine. The website focused on using large images to present the various artists' works in a gallery format. Always keeping in mind that "less is more," we removed a lot of unnecessary stuff in the sidebar, navigation, article page and footer, making the site even more simple than before. Which works well considering that the site has a lot of content, and we want users to focus on finding the article they're interested in.
Design Challenges
One of the hardest parts was defining which icons to use for the navigation, resuming to 4 or 5 icons that would be the full navigation of site. If to proceed with an extreme change with just one icon button, or if to make a gradual transition to having a few buttons and with time maybe reduce the number depending on the tendency of the Internet. We choose the latter. Sometimes reaching too far in terms of innovation may lead to abstract and confusing results for users. Our goal has been to make the right site for the right moment in time, one that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.
Production Technology
14 template pages (each with 9 screen size versions from 320px to over 2600px). Over 125 files were created via Photoshop. Then programming, starting from scratch with CSS3 and HTML5 code for this full-screen site. Also including Javascript and PHP. The navigation has color detection so it will adapt based on whatever image it overlays. And we used HTML5 video for the home page. There were some technical changes trying to get this all to work effectively for a magazine site. When building a site and trying to advance with new elements, it is sometimes difficult to find immediate solutions when not a lot exist at the time. So we tried to push forward with web technologies to create something different.
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