Worth (Interactive Advertising Print) by Nikola Vucicevic
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Winner
Interaction is crucial in digital advertising. But we wanted to go back to traditional print advertising yet keep that interaction principles. We created a printed connect the dots magazine ad which, when the lines are connected, reveals the new logo letter W. The dots describe several phases in driving the car of your dreams and having a great new experience. 01 Sunny Day 02 Get Your Hair Done 03 Choose A Flower 04 Pick Up Your 05 Have Lunch By The Lake 06 Drive Into The Sunset
After changing the Brand Identity, the Worth Rent A Car company recognized the need to go further with the supportive advertising campaign that we proposed. The task was to raise the new brand image and new logo promotion.
Design Challenges
Advertising could be considered as a "LANGUAGE WITH SMALL NUMBER OF WORDS". It has to be powerful, meaning, useful, conceptual, attractive, interesting, smart and fun. I pretty much believe that we achieve all that. Because of the feedback, result and awards that I receive for the concept.
Production Technology
Production aspect is not crucial component of this design. It's made for different magazines advertisings, there for printing technology was made in offset printing process.
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