Micro Matter (Miniature Sculptures in Glass Test Tubes) by Ilse de Jong
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The inspiration for this project came with the awareness of the fact that if you look at art, illustrations, drawings - anything creative, it's really nice and inspirational if there's space inside, an other dimension (this can be abstract too). This makes looking at it a little bit like meditation, instead of thinking, you get to be inside for a moment. With this realisation, the project Micro Matter came to life.
Micro Matter consist of a series of miniature worlds floating inside upside down glass test tubes. Towering houses, sky scrapers, campsites and a water tower, each sculpture inspires the next. All pieces are handmade and of every world there is only one.
Design Challenges
Since there is a whole series of miniatures, the creative challenge is to keep them original, but not to overthink them.
Production Technology
Made by hand. Tools used: tweezers, a small knife, a paper knife, patience, triangle ruler Materials used: glass test tubes, cardboard, sticks, train model materials, wire, sand.
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