Fangsuo (Bookstore) by Chih Kang Chu
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The location was close to the site of the ancient Daci temple and had historical links to Xuan Zang, a famous monk of the Tang Dynasty. That inspired the designer to draw on the idea of the Secret Scripture Library, a feature of many Buddhist temples. For centuries, scholars sought wisdom in such repositories, for books contain some of mankind's most profound wisdom. The designer wanted to bring that sense of solemnity to a 60,000 square foot basement beneath a new development in the center of the city.
Fangsuo is not fixed to be a store selling books, but a cathedral carrying wisdom, culture, and attitude. Fangsuo gives Chengdu people a place to read, to enjoy the leisure time, and to enrich mind. We hope people realize the importance of respecting the native culture through Fangsuo. Concrete columns, bookcases in the loft, air bridges, and the elements of vast cosmos represented the image of “Secrete Scripture Library”. It seems all the knowledge in the world are stored in there and waiting to be discovered.
Design Challenges
In past centuries, the fraction in culture really depressed people in China. The ancient secrete cave built with modern technique, which is a trendy bookstore in function, and you can even feel the sacred atmosphere of the secrete scripture library in ancient history while stand in the store. This encouraging experience to people who are desperate to retrieve the cultural identity in China.
Production Technology
Use of Technology Special anti-rust treatment were painted on the black iron which are broadly used in the space. It not only protect the iron but also keep the looking of raw black iron. The entrance in the outdoor were made of copper and iron. However, rain and air would make corrosion on the surface, but it is the mark of time, the trace of memory.
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