Valtra T4-Series (Multifunctional Tractor) by Kimmo Wihinen
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
The project started eight years ago. From the beginning the goal was to make the most suitable tractor for demanding users. Lot of customer input were collected, different studies done and countless hours spent on making different concepts starting with a clean slate. This tractor is the outcome of those things. In the end the only thing which was left from the old model was the steering wheel. Everything else is redesigned.
First-class usability and performance was achieved by close co-operation with customers. Quiet and spacious cab offers good visibility to every direction. Controls are ergonomic allowing user to focus on the task at hand. Exterior design supports visibility and safety and has concordant appearance from nose to tail. Excellent power to weight ratio reduces soil compaction and helps plants to grow better. Low fuel consumption makes T4-series tractor friendly to environment and all of us. T4-series tractor is the most significant release in 25 years for Valtra.
Design Challenges
The target was to create the most compact yet powerful machine in its class. Lots of effort was put to gather the wide variety of user needs and clarify the usability of highly complex entity. The goal was to increase the overall performance of the users. In addition to that the task included a demand to design a tractor that visually communicates the brand message and high-end quality.
Production Technology
The project has been completely customer focused. Wide range of usability and ergonomic studies were conducted with real users. Collaborative design methods was used in every prototype and evaluation phase. Prototypes were tested by customers in real working conditions and outcome was used in further development phases.
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