Spiral (Stool) by Daisuke Nagatomo
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Spiral Stool is developed with the idea of creating structural module, which can hold around 100 kg weight for seating usage, with only cardboard material. With fine-tuned detail and precisely manufactured pieces, the stool can be assembled without any glue or hardware.
Spiral Stool is a cardboard folded structure, which requires no glue or hardware for its assembly. The Rotated squares on top and bottom create unique fractal elevation, reflects lights in different angles. Spiral Stool can also use as modular units to configure as a low table.
Design Challenges
Due to its structural system and using no hardware nor glue, the most challenging aspect of designing Spiral Stool is the precise dimension and accurate manufacturing. A few prototypes are created to test the joint and test the tolerance of cardboard material. The structure becomes weak when the joint gap exceeds even 1 mm. The dimension and design change happened a few times to achieve perfect fitting.
Production Technology
Spiral Stool is initially produced with CNC cardboard manufacturing technique, and later developed with cardboard mold cutting for mass production. The 3 mm cardboard sheets are cut with specific dimensions with folding lines, which allows stool to be assembled with clean fractal lines.
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