Smrt Image Lumica (Mri Av System) by Boombang Inc. Design Team
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
Boombang recognized an opportunity to make the MRI experience more pleasant for patients and more effective for researchers. We partnered with a team of top scientists, including a leading expert in brain mapping at UCLA to develop and productize the cutting-edge SMRT Image technology, which achieves both these goals while also reducing healthcare costs and increasing scanning revenue for for imaging centers and hospitals.
SMRT Image offers two-way communication between patients and medical professionals, enhanced fMRI brain mapping capabilities, and sophisticated audio-visual entertainment for patients during MRI imaging. This provides advantages to all parties, since the AV functionality, which is compatible with all multimedia, offers a comforting distraction for patients. While the enhanced fMRI technology saves pharmaceutical companies time and money, and ensures that medications get to the people who need them faster.
Design Challenges
The highly magnetic MRI environment poses many design challenges. Electronic shielding for electromagnetic interference is critical for taking noise free scans. Electromagnetic motors in cooling fans fail under a high magnetic field causing a thermal management issue. This led to a design opportunity that can be clearly seen in the heat sink design. Ferrous material in a MRI environment could become a projectile that can cause injury to a patient. For safety all material and components were carefully selected and tested for MRI use.
Production Technology
The aluminum CNC construction allows maximum strength and weight while maintaining the critical EMI component shielding, non-ferrous specifications and optimal thermal properties. Non-MRI sensitive components are made from Poly carbonate, ABS and delrin plastics. Non magnetic Electrostatic audio earphone drivers allow safe use in a MRI machine. The use of a touch screen control interface gives the user added control without taking up extra space in already crowded control desk.
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