Reflect (Dynamic Brand Identity) by Afeef Zaman
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Music is constantly chaotic and evolving, but always personal. It transcends barriers, both temporal and spatial(cultural). Always flowing with glimpses of novel meaning. Each moment, each place adds a new shade to this cavalcade of cascading tunes; telling us a different tale every time. In this project we tried to explore this ethos of music by capturing these self-reflective momentary tales of music and representing them in design motifs inspired by the form of Rorschach blots.
A generative tool was devised to generate unique design motifs by fusing the artist's identity with the spatial and temporal dimensions of his musical journey. These motifs were used as the fundamental design elements for his brand identity. By algorithmically mixing various seed inputs (images of the artist, locations that are musically relevant to him, time of the generation, and tracks of his new album) the system can iterate unlimited generations of curated design motifs, unique to each case.
Design Challenges
The main challenge for the project was creating an ideal parametric process flow that is contextually relevant to the ethos of the project. Since the process was generative and had to iterate curated organic motifs, devising an optimum flow of processes with optimum value mapping and hierarchical architecture for all the parametric inputs for each step, was another crucial challenge the team faced.
Production Technology
The system was developed using OFX, a C++ toolkit for creative coding. The system functions with four seed inputs: location name, artist’s image, the T&D of the system clock, and an audio track. An image of the given location with meta-data is fetched using FLICKR API. LCG and trianguloid functions are used to generate the two meshes from the images. A snippet of the track goes through FFT and three music information retrieval processes. The final step superimposes the two meshes; uses Perlin noise and kaleidoscopic emulation filters to create an RT animation; and captures VIBEs from it.
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