Netatmo Welcome (Indoor Home Security Camera) by RAPHAELLE RAYMOND
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
A large generation of kids spend time alone after school. Parents return late from work, where their days are overloaded. How can they know effortlessly if their children are home safely? This everyday problem inspired creating a revolutionary home camera: Welcome. Thanks to its unique face recognition technology, it recognizes who it sees and sends a notification with the persons name. The user knows instantly when his loved ones, such as his elderly parents or his children, are home.
Welcome is a smart home security camera with face recognition. When family members pass in front of the camera, it sends their names to the users smartphone. Welcome also notifies about strangers. Its sophisticated technology is hidden in its exceptionally slim and buttonless aluminum body. A fine black plastic piece blends with the cameras lense and covers also elegantly the infrared LED and microphone. Welcomes design is non intrusive and elegant, unlike traditional home security cameras.
Design Challenges
A lot of development was required to fit the cameras powerful face-recognition technology and high-end optics into the slim 45 mm diameter aluminum shape. This construct also requires a very efficient heat dissipation, since IP cameras can have heat spots on their surface. The heat conduction has been optimized to take full advantage of its aluminum body.
Production Technology
Materials: Anodized aluminum body ABS white plastic piece PMMA optical black plastic, infrared transparent
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