Tango Pouch (Handbag, Evening Bag) by Anne-Christin Schmitt
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
The idea is not new, it dates back to the 1920 s when this type of pouch bag was very much in fashion in Europe. But my pouch is a very elaborate re-interpretation of the concept, it has a very redefined foldable closure, a bit like the music instrument the accordion. It folds together so precisely every time again, because I constructed the folds and pleats with a lot of attention to detail. I was also inspired by the nature and shapes from leaves.
You'll never find anything comparable to this truly innovative design! What a modern yet wearable piece of art. Structuring elements underneath the fine leather surface add that extra-notch of style refinement. Worn by the wristlet-handle it allows you to have your hands free all evening... all night long! Inside enough space for a girls first aid kit like lipstick, mascara, powder, Blackberry, iPhone...
Design Challenges
It was challenging to transform the idea of the pouch into the modern age. It should be modern in its look, should have something new in its concept, but be timeless at the same time. Who wants to buy a bag this season that looks already outdated the next season?
Production Technology
Soft waxed calf skin leather made for an incredibly pleasant touch of the handle and puffy side inserts, intentionally contrasting with the more constructed main body made from so-called glazed leather. Elaborate hand-applied profiling details underneath the leather of the plum-shaped main body add dimension and richness to the clean shape.
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