Only Right Here (Knife Holder) by Alan Saga
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
Since the twelfth century the first bullfights were documented as an act or public spectacle. Today consciousness awakening of people is a symptom of an overall global assessment, being partakers of the divine nature, we are a whole. "Only Right Here" (Solo Aqui Tienes Derecho) symbolizes a new era, where there will be an extinction of aggressive activities, being embodied in what once was a cultural feast, and the great evolutionary step on a humanistic level.
The product's concept lies in the fusion of bullfighting and a kitchenware. It's derived of a thorough analysis of Mexican and international cultural mores. The piece works like a knife holder, which has a multifaceted and geometric aesthetic.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to develop a piece with a multifaceted aesthetic geometric shape formed by 162 polysurfaces. Prototypes were made to select the size and material of the piece; wooden models, 3d prints and handcrafted aluminum casting. Another challenge was to seek an antidote to clarify the relationship between what is stated and the different positions of society.
Production Technology
The concept is a molding injection piece made of plastic ABS PC with white matte finish.
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