Untitled Design (Bathroom Collection) by Emanuele Pangrazi
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
There are several factors that contributed to the creation of the concept of “UP”. In the initial phase, the study focused primarily on the toilet and bidet. I tried to give them a pure essential geometric shape, but at the same time also comfortable.
Up, bathroom collection designed by Emanuele Pangrazi, shows how a simple concept can generate innovation. The initial idea is to improve the comfort slightly tilting the seating plane of the sanitary. This idea turned into the main design theme and it is present in all the elements of the collection. The main theme and the strict geometric relationships give the collection a contemporary style in line with European taste.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was obtaining a greater comfort through an non traditional shape. I tried to add something to make the product better and innovative, but without scaring the user. The result was exciting and very much appreciated by the public. This innovation consists in having tilted upwards the seating plane. This solution was determined by careful research that considered two important aspects. The first aspect focused on study of a shape that could invite the user to assume a position most suitable to obtaining natural comfort, without resorting to extreme and outdated shapes. The second analyzes the target market of this collection, mostly European, where the people tend to live longer and be elderly, and so very often they have problems with knee joints. Combining these factors the solution was clear, raise as much as possible the front area of the seating plane to minimize stress to the knees and at the same time to invite the user to assume a more natural position during the use of the toilet and bidet.
Production Technology
All sanitaries and wash basins are made of vitreous china or fine fire clay.
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