Bridal Veil (The Chandelier) by Victor A. Syrnev
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Creative Legacy, Retro and Evergreen Design Award Winner
Bridal Veil soaring over the World... A Man has always felt adoration and exaltation over all of winged creatures. They were considered as a messengers of the gods. Birds, wings and flight have always been symbolizing the highest state of being. Flying freely without frontiers, Heavenly Creatures easily getting into flocks of gold and silver birds. Froze for a second, and they are transformed into jewelry. Birds are passing a gift to us as the ease, freedom and happiness which we seek so much.
Great Hall in the Palace of Weddings in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). The ceiling of complex profile, reminiscent of cumulus clouds. Object-bridal veil organically included in the cloud space. The basis was taken from constructive module, like the flower of four leaves. Each leaf consists of five thin copper tubes. The Center of flower is light unit with different numbers of lamps, about 10 to 25 pieces Series connection of the leaves together has created a flexible and light chandelier in the shape of a bride's veil.
Design Challenges
Bridal Veil soaring over the World... The combination of artistic design with the technological possibilities.
Production Technology
Bridal Veil soaring over the World... The problem was that the work on the project began with the completion of construction of the Palace. Decisions were made on the basis of a complex, step-relief ceiling. This relief was dictating the shape of the future composition. To soften the hard edges ceiling elements used vegetable nature, in the form of a flower petal. Thin copper pipes, which are made of petals, led to the soft and elastic wave-like folds of fabric.
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