Onebip One-Click Mobile Payment Solution (Mobile Payment) by Onebip by Neomobile
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Winner
With the increasing penetration of smartphones, mobile stores and applications, there is a strong need of providing the mobile phone users with a payment solution that is fast, secure and in such a way that purchases can be made within the Mobile Device in only with one touch and one-click, weather these purchases are made by the user while browsing on the mobile internet or WAP sites, or while engaged inside an Android or other OS application.
Onebip one click payment service provides users with the easiest and most intuitive way of paying for their goods and services via the browser or inside an application on their mobile device. The service automatically recognizes the user’s mobile number and charges the purchase to their mobile bill or deducts it from their pre-paid credit in just one click. Onebip uses an encrypted identification process to immediately recognize the user’s phone number, which provides a secure and automatic authentication, so that the payment process only takes one click. There’s no need for passwords and PIN numbers or any other authentication process.
Design Challenges
Mobile Native Applications today can usually support higher graphic rendering and better synchronization enabling a richer experience compared to the mobile web apps, especially when it comes to games. However for many casual games, mobile content and mobile social networking, Mobile Web Apps developed in HTML5 offer a great user experience, with the advantage of being cross compatible across all smartphones (while developing native apps, requires the developer to release one or even more versions for every device). The other downside for Mobile Native Applications is that the business frameworks and monetization tools are also different. Companies publishing web apps are free to use any online payment method they wish such as Credit Card, Paypal, Carrier Billing, etc. Instead companies publishing Native Apps will usually utilize the payment system supported by the OEM (as in the case of Apple Inc.) or utilize the payment systems supported by the store (as for the case of GooglePlay the new version of the Android Market).
Production Technology
There are specific technologies that improve the mobile purchasing experience for Carrier M-payments on Mobile. For example most of the carriers enable MSISDN forwarding for users browsing on WAP APN and some even on the Mobile Internet APN. This means that by recognizing the user while he is browsing within specific URLs set by the carrier, the payment provider can retrieve the MSISDN information from enriched headers to perform the billing directly without any further authentication flow. In other words this opens the opportunity for companies to sell digital content and services on mobile through a “one click” flow.
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