Urban Contemporary (Hotel) by Fabrice MINI
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
Pullman has three main concepts which are conviviality, serenity and connectivity. As an upscale and elegant five star hotel, friendliness and closeness Pullman Jakarta Central Park would like to make guests comfortable of their busy schedules. The concept of Industrial Raw is a cross between a museum and a hotel specially designed living in the bustling Central Jakarta. Pullman Jakarta Central Park offers a refreshing mix of high technology hospitality and glamorous urban living.
The flagship and newest international five star hotel in West Jakarta, Pullman Jakarta Central Park an upscale contemporary hotel offers a unique concept of hospitality through the integration of the shopping mall, office and leisure entertainment options. It has also adopted a refreshing mix of high technology hospitality, industrial raw, modern museum and glamorous urban living design as its signature. Pullman is Accor is upscale hotel brand targeting for both leisure and business travellers.
Design Challenges
Cultures perspective, since the bathroom has a big glass place in the middle of the room therefore anyone on the bed could see right in. We only put glass sticker around them recently. They are actually designed to be totally open unfortunately a few of our guests were a bit uncomfortable with it. We kept a few open, so when some guests who want the total Pullman Jakarta Central Park experience, we will give them those rooms.
Production Technology
Part museum, part design experiment, the Pullman Jakarta Central Park offers a fresh take on luxury living. Pullman Jakarta Central Park wants to surprise guests, make them look around and take notice of their surroundings. Plus we like to showcase local talent. All the art works in the hotel has been made by talented Indonesian artists. Indonesia is known for its patterned batik fabrics and elaborates wood carvings, and imagines the hotel is fuchsia sculptures of Marilyn Monroe.
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